Job Description

Technical Writer

North America

About This Position

Art+Logic is looking for a Technical Writer to work with us on creating project proposals. We’ve been an all-remote company since day one—more than thirty years ago—and we’re still going strong.

When working as our Tech Writer, you’ll be a critical part of our process in turning a vague idea into concrete plans. When we engage with a client, we gather information from the client as to what they want to build, and turn that into a detailed technical specifications document. You’ll work alongside members of our Sales and Engineering team to refine the order, clarity and style of those technical documents into something we can present to the client with pride.


  • Reading and understanding complex technical requirements documents, and not being afraid to ask questions and learn new things;
  • Interacting with Engineering personnel to fully understand the intent of complex documents to avoid compromising technical correctness;
  • Interacting with Sales personnel to understand the scope of work under consideration, and the nature and preferences of the client, so as to best tailor each document to its intended audience;
  • Generating summaries for technical content that make the content more accessible to a less technically-minded audience while remaining true to the technical details of the source material;
  • Standardizing documentation produced by many individuals into a consistent formal style;
  • Enhancing order and clarity, correcting spelling and grammar, optimizing towards concision.

Skills & Experience

  • Associate Degree or better in a relevant field;
  • Being able to share a relevant portfolio is a major plus;
  • 3+ years of experience as a technical writer or related role is expected, but exceptional portfolios and evaluation results will be considered.

Relationship Details

We are looking for Contractors (1099) for long term open-ended relationships. Work hours are flexible; requiring reasonable overlap with some normal North American working hours for to support team communications, and not just nights and weekends.

This position pays $30-$40/hour. Hours are sporadic and not more than 10 hours per week is expected.

We are ONLY looking for people in North America.