Job Description: 

Technical Support Engineer

Chaos Engineering helps engineers test large computer systems to discover system problems before those problems cause outages. This is a foundational approach for every company that provides mission critical, always online services. Gremlin provides a platform that makes the practice much faster to implement and easier to use for both large and small enterprise customers. But our customers need help! That is where support and Technical Support Engineers come in.

About the Role of the Support Engineer

In this role, you will help our customers with any product usage questions or issues they might have. This is a great opportunity to be exposed to a wide gamut of environments and technologies, as Gremlin can be utilized on-prem, in the cloud, or in a containerized environment. You will help our customers to successfully deploy Gremlin agents and troubleshoot any issues they might have using Gremlin to orchestrate some controlled chaos. You will work closely with Engineering, Sales, Customer Success, and Product teams to rectify any customer issues and ensure that we are constantly surprising and delighting our customer base.


  • Provide technical support for Gremlin, via email, chat, or conferencing (Zoom, etc.) and maybe an occasional phone call
  • Diagnose, troubleshoot and debug customer issues
  • Reproduce customer issues in a wide array of test environments
  • Drive the improvement of our documentation and other self-service support means
  • Guide customers in using Gremlin to create controlled chaos through office hours

Key Skills and Attributes

*If you don’t think you meet all of the criteria below but still are interested in the job, please apply. Nobody checks every box—we’re looking for candidates that are particularly strong in a few areas, and have some interest and capabilities in others.*

  • 2-3 years previous work experience in technical field such as DevOps, Systems Administration, SaaS Product (Enterprise) Support, NOC, or similar
  • Expert Linux administration, troubleshooting skills, and shell (bash, etc) experience
  • Experience in datacenter infrastructure or public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure
  • Knowledge of containerized environments
  • Experience managing ticket caseload and achieving SLA expectations
  • Ticket Escalation skills and intra-team integration to get things done
  • Demonstrable excellence in communications in written form, conference, or live customer troubleshooting engagements
  • Demonstrable focus on and empathy for customers
  • Software QA or testing/troubleshooting experience
  • Technical documentation experience
  • Etiquette and Emotional Intelligence
  • Focus and Decision Making
  • Active Learning and Research
  • The ability to actively contribute to a shared vision, participate as a team member of the CS organization, and speak up when you have ideas!
  • The ability to communicate to your manager when you need help

About Gremlin:

Our founders, Kolton Andrus and Matthew Fornaciari, lived and breathed incidents, on-call, and Chaos Engineering at Amazon and Netflix. As “Call Leaders” they were responsible for guiding teams through analyzing and resolving global outages. After a decade of developing and advocating Chaos Engineering internally, in 2016 they decided to make what they had learned available to a wider set of enterprise companies and launched Gremlin.

Since then, Gremlin has built an incredible team of industry veterans and people eager to learn from one another while pushing the entire industry forward to new heights. We’re backed by top-tier investors Index Ventures, Amplify Partners, and Redpoint Ventures. Our customers love us, and we’re thrilled to be a partner in their success.

At Gremlin we value:

  • OUR CUSTOMERS – We won’t be a company if our customers aren’t thrilled. We live and die by our customers, so they come first.
  • ACTION – We favor small experiments to gather data rather than over analyzing a situation. Getting stuff done always beats talking about getting stuff done.
  • CONTEXT, NOT CONTROL – We hire autonomous adults with good judgement. We provide them with the context to make smart decisions. We don’t micromanage.
  • BEING VOCALLY SELF-CRITICAL – We all make mistakes, we all have ways in which we can improve. We own that up front, and honestly discuss ways in which we’ve personally made mistakes and can get better. Then, we encourage and help one another succeed at doing so.
  • DIVERSITY, EQUITY, & INCLUSION – We are at our best when we encourage and include the thoughts and voices of people from many diverse backgrounds into our strategy and execution. We recognize that systemic racism and gender bias are real and that we aren’t perfect, so we actively work to encourage the difficult conversations, to listen, and to change as we discover our blind spots so that Gremlin is a company all of us feel proud to be a part of.
  • FRUGALITY – We are working to build a profitable company and create a new practice in the industry. We spend money on the right things, like making sure employees have the tools they need to be successful and the company has what it needs; we simply choose not to waste what we have and not to buy what we don’t actually need.

You are welcome at Gremlin for who you are. The more voices and ideas we have represented in our business, the more we will all flourish, contribute, and build a more reliable internet. Gremlin is a place where everyone can grow and is encouraged. However you identify and whatever background you bring with you, please apply if this sounds like a role that would make you excited to come into work every day. It’s in our differences that we will find the power to keep building a more reliable internet by building and designing tools used by the best companies in the world.