Employer: DoorDash

About the Team

This role is on the Information Security and IT Planning & Program Management team. We ensure successful delivery of key strategic efforts across Security and IT functions.

About the Role

This 100% remote role reports to the Chief of Staff, Planning & Program Management for Security and IT at DoorDash.

The ideal candidate brings a strong technical background in corporate technology, adaptability in a fast-paced environment, and excellent communication and collaboration skills. DoorDash leaders are able to successfully balance delivery and execution while fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment by using DoorDash values as guideposts.

You’re excited about this opportunity because you will…

  • Make an impact: Lead program teams that are solving the biggest challenges at DoorDash, delivering global solutions bridging people, process, and technology that scale to meet a 10x future.
  • Nurture partnerships: Establish strong relationships across our Enterprise Technology, HR, Finance, Security, and Engineering teams, connecting our thought leaders to the teams that can deliver on their vision.
  • Lead by example: Mentor and coach junior peers on our growing program management team, upleveling the entire organization through your experience and library of best practices.
  • Build our M&A playbook: Build the foundations for how we manage mergers, acquisitions, and integrations going forward, establishing solid foundations for our future growth.
  • Make us 1% Better Every Day: Leverage your technical acumen and program management expertise to continuously identify, and lead, opportunities to improve our IT and Security execution.

We’re excited about you because…

  • You have 10+ years of experience leading programs across the IT, Finance, and/or HR technology ecosystems, demonstrating growing responsibility over time.
  • You eat integrations for breakfast and have DoorDash deliver M&As for lunch. You have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and a clear perspective on how best to manage complex integrations. You understand the business implications of every technical decision we make along the way.
  • You are adept at seeing “the big picture” without losing focus on the details when needed. You’ve successfully focused disparate teams and competing priorities toward a common goal.
  • You evaluate solutions for impacts to people, process, and technology. You are capable of identifying gaps and raising issues, even when it’s uncomfortable, seeking the optimal solution.
  • You have extensive experience navigating diverse, global organizations and building healthy relationships regardless of role or level.
  • You are comfortable taking action in the face of ambiguity, leading teams forward and re-calibrating as more information is available.
  • You exhibit decision making maturity by assessing multiple factors to determine priority and by understanding when incoming requests require urgency or compromise.
  • You can navigate processes required to obtain funding, set forecasts, and procure assets, software, and services.
  • You have a deep understanding of identity and access management, security best practices, and a solid understanding of SOC2, SOX, and PCI compliance requirements.
  • You have streamlined and automated processes using data to identify the improvement opportunities to prioritize.