Employer: Twilio


Twilio Segment is looking for senior software engineers to join a new Billing Team. Our mission is to solve essential quote-to-cash problems in the lifecycle of a SaaS offering: contracts and self-service plan pricing, billing and invoicing, provisioning, revenue recognition, and financial planning and analysis.

If you are passionate about solving crucial business problems and enjoy working on them in a small, senior team, this may be for you!

Who we are:

Twilio Segment’s Billing Team is chartered with ensuring that Segment has the financial systems it needs to support sustained, rapid growth of enterprise and self-service customers. During this stage, it’s critical that Segment provides its customers, employees, and auditors with accurate, easy to understand financial processes and data. Our job is to identify and build great engineering solutions for this.

Segment’s high-throughput low-latency pipelines process our customers’ most valuable data, so we have a passion for the highest quality engineering, testing, and operations. We often open source our solutions, support open source broadly, and give talks in public and private about our successes and learnings.

And a bit about Segment:

  • We started small and have done a lot and have big ambitions
  • We love open source and also support it with paid fellowships and sponsorship
  • People love working at Segment
  • And we love talking about what we learned in public and in private
  • All engineering jobs today are remote first! (Although we still have a beautiful, if closed, offices in San Francisco and midtown NYC)l

What we do:

  • We implement high performance pipelines with Go, TypeScript, Kafka, Docker, Terraform and lots of other modern tools, we are heavy users of AWS and are expanding to other clouds.
  • We love finding the best tools for the job at hand, for example integrating ClickHouse for customer facing and internal statistics, and running Kafka and FoundationDB at scale.
  • We have a culture of exceptional testing including unit testing, automated end-to-end testing, shadow deploys, game days, and high observability.
  • We’re always deploying, and have sophisticated feature flagging (built on ctlstore).
  • We dog-food Segment to help ourselves move faster and guide our engineering and product.
  • We partner with our customers and exceptional embedded product leadership to ensure the work we do has impact with our customers and our engineering community.

Who we are looking for:

  • You are passionate about finding scalable solutions to challenging technical problems.
  • You are able to lead an engineering solution to a business problem end-to-end, and communicate it to engineers and customers.
  • You know when it’s time to refactor, and when it’s time to ship.
  • You think being part of growing teams is fun.
  • You love solving problems that are critical to the company’s future.

What you get out of it:

  • A welcoming and collaborative environment with people who love working on hard problems
  • Work in a small team with engineers, sales, finance, product, and others to collaboratively have a big impact across all of Segment
  • Participate in many areas of starting a new, cross-functional team like hiring, team leadership, product definition, and more!
  • The opportunity to give back to the community through open-source projects, blogging, conference talks, etc. and have great personal and career growth!
  • Exceptional benefits and startup perks


  • At least 5 years of engineering experience on backend systems
  • Significant experience designing and implementing fault-tolerant, data-intensive services
  • Significant experience testing and deploying systems to production
  • Experience with large-scale event processing pipelines, preferably using streaming technologies
  • Experience participating in hiring activities including interviewing
  • Desired: Professional experience with TypeScript/Go, and AWS/GCP/Azure