Job Description

Title: Staff Software Engineer, Customer Experience

Location: Remote

Type: Full-time
Workplace: remote

The Included Health’s Customer Experience team serves a critical audience: our customers, who are the health and benefits buyers that make the best decisions for their employee base. As a member of the team, you will build scalable solutions that improve customer-facing teams’ ability to provide great service to our customers, to communicate the value our company brings, and to advise customers on matters related to the healthcare of their employees. You will help our company become an indispensable partner to our customers.

As a Staff Software Engineer, you are a cross team leader and your mission is to lead the Customer Experience team to drive organizational impact for teams at large. Your influence is across team and organizational boundaries. You will play a key role in major customer launches and receive organizational-wide visibility for making enterprise level launches successful. You will lead teams at large to significantly improve launch quality and efficiency, data availability and service quality to impact the business in a big way.


  • Identify projects of high strategic importance for the business
  • Lead the team to create the highest expected value outcomes
  • Set project level direction and consistently influences decision-making at multi-team level
  • Make well reasoned tradeoffs between technical, analytical and product goals, and strive to lead the team to create solutions that satisfy all of them
  • Lead teams through ambiguous and complex project
  • Drive key debates with key leaders to drive changes across the teams
  • Systematically improve personal, team, and cross-team velocity
  • Making others better through code review, mentoring, training, evangelizing best practices and operational excellence.
  • Proactively identifies and influences cross team roadmap to eliminate highest impact tech-debt


  • Stellar engineering leadership by example regardless of your language of choice, you separate concerns and define well-abstracted interfaces, leading to functioning, performant, well-tested, maintainable code and systems
  • Thinking and communicating in first principles you are able to explain your points of view from foundational concepts rather than by associative thinking
  • Critical thinking with influence you systematically evaluate the tradeoffs associated with each potential solution to a problem, make an informed decision, and articulate these things well to influence others, driving impact
  • Experience in our current technologies is a bonus Java, Apex, Golang, Ruby, Python, GraphQL, AWS