Employer: Twitter

What You’ll Do

  • Have an opportunity to bring a strong perspective that inspires change and motivates engineers to develop simple solutions to complex problems
  • Partner with technical leadership to define overall network technology, standards and strategy, including the 12 month roadmap achieved by reaching consensus with peers and customers
  • Be a mentor to other team members and lead through example by influencing the use of standards defined by the team and technical leadership
  • Identify and drive testing and certification of network hardware, software and features to ensure security and availability


Who You Are

You are a highly proficient network security engineer with hands-on experience and in-depth skills in all aspects of network security and engineering. You are a motivated pragmatic thinker, eager to get the job done while finding a balance between pace and quality with:

  • Extensive experience in high demand, large scale production environments
  • Deep knowledge of network security methodologies
    • Risk assessment frameworks
    • DDoS mitigation strategies
    • Vulnerability management
    • Active threat monitoring
    • Audit and compliance
  • Experience with scripting in Python or equivalent to automate operational tasks
  • Experience with cloud deployments such as GCP and AWS
  • Experience with distributed system management via Puppet or Terraform
  • Experience with packet analysis and flow monitoring tools
  • Experience with stateless and stateful ACLs, IPSec, and Zero Trust deployments
  • Proficiency with multiple hardware platforms such as Juniper, Arista, and Cisco
  • Working knowledge of load balancing, anycast and traffic resiliency solutions
  • Understanding of transit relationships and global internet connectivity
  • Strong documentation and communication skills