Job Description

Software Engineering Manager, Integrations

at Swoogo

Remote, United States

Who You Are

You’ve helped guide a team through shipping enterprise scale projects, and now your goal is to learn and get even better at it. You’re ready to build new things, solve hard problems, and deliver awesome results for engaged customers. You’re excited about the prospect of collaborating with a young, hungry, insanely talented team and contributing to a growing (read: flying like a rocket) company.

Through all this, you know that working with top-tier developers is the best route to keeping your own technical skills fresh and up to date, and your goal is to stay as sharp as possible to continue passing that knowledge on. You’ll always be an engineer at heart, but you’re also a coach and a mentor; shared success is always the best prize. And, of course, you know that great teams, great friends, and great developers come from everywhere: you’re ready to be part of a fully remote org focused on nurturing the best talent, no matter where they are on the planet.

About the Role

This is a rare opportunity to help build a new product organization in its early days at a high growth company. You’ll get to lead the team and help shape its future in a position that will have a high level of impact on our growing hybrid business.

Swoogo’s leadership culture strives to deliver with a focus through three lenses: helpful, human, and holistic. You’ll work together with your management peers in a collaborative, results-focused, and supportive environment. For people who love learning, geek out on evolving tech & growing people, and appreciate continual improvement, this job will check all the boxes!”

Every day will be different, but you will consistently:

  • Deliver with Precision: Your role is pivotal in executing complex, technical projects. From project management to offering technical insight during design and deployment, your collaboration with partners company-wide will shape our tools, processes, and best practices.
  • Expand the Team: As we pave the path for our next milestones, you will take charge of augmenting our team. This encompasses recruitment, career progression, and strengthening the organization’s framework.
  • Communication Effectively: Being part of a global team, your ability to communicate effectively, foster robust team relationships, and champion a culture of documentation and asynchronous work is vital.

What You’ve Done Before

  • 4+ years of engineering leadership in a B2B SaaS environment, transitioning from a senior software engineer to an engineering manager.
  • Proficient in guiding design reviews, architectural planning, and code reviews. You are adept at collaborative problem-solving with your team.
  • A believer in continual and incremental customer deliveries. You champion efficient workflows, ease of use, effective communication, and constant skill enhancement.
  • A nurturer at heart. Command and control are not your tools; empowerment is.
  • Thrive in a dynamic environment. With our rapid growth, adaptability is key. You excel at supporting engineers and bolstering their career trajectory, seamlessly collaborating with product and design teams.
  • Hands-on experience with PHP, AWS, Terraform, Docker, Postgres, Redis | or similar.