Job Description

Shopify Developer


Part Time


We’re a fully remote web development agency looking for a part-time contract Shopify developer to join us in solving unique problems for our eCommerce clients. Currently, we service quite a few Shopify Plus clients who utilize much of the standard Shopify ecosystem as well as leveraging some of the more popular apps such as Recharge payments, Yotpo, Klaviyo, Klarna and more.

We are looking for a developer to come alongside our team and assist with building and adding features to new themes, implement and build upon Shopify apps, manage and implement custom discount solutions, develop custom reporting solutions, and much more.

Applicants need to have a strong understanding of the full Shopify ecosystem, including theme and template development languages, an understanding of the theme API, strong liquid syntax capabilities, and understanding of how Shopify works under the hood, as well as an understanding of the Shopify API both public and private.

Our mission:

At First + Third, it is our mission to outperform average agencies. We believe that when an agency only thinks about how to get a project done and not enough about the client’s goals, it becomes impossible for the project to be a success.

As an organization we are obsessed with helping our clients understand and achieve their objectives through thoughtful, well-executed web design and development.


  1. Execute – Be able to take visual designs and turn them into fully functional Shopify Theme code including semantically correct liquid syntax, component and blocks that will allow page section re-use as well as the ability to manage page content, as well as write clear and understandable CSS and javascript code that complements the Shopify theme code.
  2. Make it Engaging – Be able to work within the Shopify theme to provide an engaging and interesting eCommerce experience that will provide a high level of ROI to the client utilizing Shopify and industry best practices.
  3. Connected – Be able to work with the Shopify theme API as well as the Front End shopify cart api logic for a truly custom user experience.
  4. Manage – Be able to manage and implement Shopify features including content, product creation, content and page management as well as utilizing the API for custom features and custom reporting tasks.


  • 3+ Years of Shopify (Plus) development experience
  • Strong grasp of the Shopify ecosystem including it’s strengths and potential pitfalls.
  • Ability to write and test scripts in Ruby for Shopify Scripts
  • Strong understanding of liquid template language, as well as an understanding of modern HTML, CSS, and Javascript paradigms.
  • Ability to create excellent cross browser functional web applications.
  • Ability to maneuver and manage Shopify data in both the template files and within the Shopify admin.
  • Understanding of the Shopify App ecosystem including how they work, and how they are implemented.
  • Understanding of Shopify data and the underlying Shopify API for both consumers and administrative users.
  • Familiarity with Figma, Sketch, and/or Adobe XD.
  • A solid understanding of good UX and UI practices for websites.
  • We expect you to know your way around git and GitHub.
  • Experience working remotely.
  • Estimating work for a project and taking specs and turning into clearly defined, executable tasks.

Nice to have

  • Ability to create Shopify Apps from scratch
  • Ability to create a Headless commerce application based upon the Shopify API and ecosystem.
  • Experience with expanded front end libraries like React, etc.