Employer: Canonical

This is the Fast Track application process for Senior Product Managers at Canonical. It is designed for be a central pathway for strong product management candidates to apply for an open role at Canonical. During the recruitment process we will assess the best fit to existing public and confidential initiatives, and shape later stages of the process for the candidate specifically.

We expect leaders in product management at Canonical to be experts in the business of software – from ideation, to investment, promotion, advocacy, marketing and sales.

As the global platform company behind Ubuntu, with the mission to deliver all of open source wherever it is the critical ingredient, we offer a wide range of software opportunities. If you agree that open source is the future of most software, then you’ll enjoy being part of the team that aims to deliver it. If you have a strong business head and a passion for software, with interests anywhere from IoT and the edge to the heart of public cloud, we can likely find a very interesting product for you to drive.

We are hiring product management in the following areas:

  • Cloud native development and operations (Docker, Kubernetes, CAAS, PAAS)
  • Web services and online services – REST APIs and database-driven sites
  • IoT – embedded Linux technologies and capabilities
  • Systems management for IoT devices, desktops, servers and VMs
  • Containerisation and virtualization technologies
  • Devsecops tooling, practices and services
  • Commercial business systems for Canonical itself
  • Data applications from SQL databases to big data
  • AI/ML ops and technologies
  • Robotics and embedded Linux in a wide variety of industries
  • Security offerings, practices and services
  • Storage from raw disk to filesystem to network block and object storage
  • Networking from bare metal to SDN and overlays
  • Distributed systems design and implementation
  • Linux, the kernel and Ubuntu itself
  • Desktop Linux and desktop applications on Windows and macOS

Product managers at Canonical must have software engineering experience in order to work effectively with their product engineering counterparts. They should drive product choices and priorities in partnership with those engineers. They should also be forceful presenters, speakers and writers, capable of generating interest and excitement in their innovation and their products.

What Canonical offers:

  • Work from home
  • Learning and development allowances
  • Competitive Salary
  • Annual compensation review
  • Recognition rewards
  • Generous annual leave
  • Paid maternity, paternity and sick leave
  • Priority Pass for travel
  • Exposure to international business and technology