Employer: HubSpot

Design at HubSpot is both grounded in experience design fundamentals and a deep belief that small autonomous teams are the best way to get excellent work in customer’s hands.

  • We value solving for the customer above all else
  • We give each designer the responsibility and ownership to chart the course for their designs throughout the product and across teams. We don’t do sign-offs and burdensome documentation
  • We respect user research and content and work cooperatively with them while designing
  • We carefully lead and maintain a high-functioning, usability-centered design system and design language with our front-end teammates
  • We’re embedded on small teams with engineers and product managers in sane sustainable ratios
  • Learn more about our Design Philosophy: Design System Article

Design is imagining a better future. It’s important for designers to think boldly and escape the confines of what’s been done before. By spending time defining the problem and understanding our users, we’re able to conceptualize solutions that get at the heart of the challenges our users face and the progress they are trying to make. Leveraging expertise in human factors, behavioral psychology, and visual design, we’re able to create an experience that is highly usable, effective, efficient, and delightful.

We’re looking for skilled product designers to join our team in creating experiences our customers love.

In this role you’ll get to:

  • Design for the CRM Records page, one of the top viewed pages within the HubSpot product.
  • Build consumer grade experiences that take complex CRM data and present it to our end users in a usable, simple interface.
  • Move quickly,as an experienced designer, building strong and compelling journey scenarios, information architecture, interaction and visual designs
  • Work autonomously, while being facilitated by our living UI Library and results in a faster, more efficient process with fewer handoffs
  • Lead brainstorming sessions to user flows through wireframes and high fidelity screens highlighting your design process
  • Build lasting relationships across the organization, partnering with your cross-product design team, engineering, product management, and the broader business
    • Our embedded team structure makes collaboration quick and easy
    • Influence leadership and help them to understand the impact and vision of design
  • Collaborate closely and uniquely with an engaged Engineering team to get stuff done efficiently and effectively
  • Help us expand our UX strategy and vision
  • Guide Product Designers and Associate Product Designers as an engaged mentor

We are looking for candidates who have:

  • Passion for creating an unmatched user experience in the software product world
  • Experience designing workflows and experiences to help end users view, and manipulate complex underlying data in an intuitive, and efficient manner.
  • Inherent curiosity about how humans think, behave, and interact with technology
  • High degree of experience with a vector and prototyping tool of choice (Sketch, Adobe and InVision are ours)
  • At least three to five years of UX Design experience
  • Successful experience working collaboratively with Engineering, Product Management, and UX Research
  • A strong desire to always be learning and tackling new challenges in a fast-paced environment
  • Nice to have, but not required: undergraduate degree in Design, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Science, or a related field

We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates, so please don’t hesitate to apply we’d love to hear from you.

Important COVID-19 Guidance (For candidates applying to roles in the United States):

Per HubSpot’s policy all employees who wish to work @office or @flex or to visit an office in-person must be fully-vaccinated. At this time, @remote employees are not required to be vaccinated.