Job Description

Senior Manager, Growth Strategy and Operations, Demand (Remote)

United States

Who we are

At Path we believe behavioral health should be treated with the same respect, rigor, and focus of other chronic diseases. We’re building the future of mental health, and in 20 years we’ll look back and be astounded that we ever treated the physical before the mental.

What we’re solving

Over 65 million Americans suffer from a treatable mental health issue – that’s 1 out of every 5 people. Today it’s difficult to find a provider, and for those with complicated conditions, it’s nearly impossible to find coordinated care. We’re here to fix this.

How we’re solving

Path is at the intersection of tech + mental health with thousands of therapists, psychiatrists, and other mental health services delivering care through a virtual first approach. Our platform matches patients with exactly the right person for their needs, whether it’s experience with a certain condition, gender, race, location, life experience, etc.


2022 will be an exciting and enormous year of growth for Path as we continue to expand nationally. We’re looking for someone who is passionate about making an impact in the mental health and wellness space, thrives working in a startup environment where things move fast and change often, loves to work cross-functionally, and is able to work with those teams remotely.

“Patient First” is Path’s foundational value. Our Strategy and Operations Senior Managers play a vital role in helping Path provide a better experience for its patients. When they are successful, it means that Path is able to help more people who reach out to us get the care they need.

As a Senior Manager of Strategy and Operations within our Demand org, you will be accountable for maintaining or improving one or more company-critical patient experience metrics and processes. You will drive improvements that will lead to higher new patient conversion and retention. Success in this role will require strong problem solving, planning, analysis, reporting, operational execution, and teaming with Product and other cross-functional partners.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Planning & Execution
    • Develop and size bottom up plans to hit top-down goals during Quarterly planning (i.e., improve metric from x to y)
    • Report progress weekly and adjust plans as needed if plans are at risk, or double down on wins to beat plans if you can
  • Problem Solving, Analytics, and Reporting
    • Identify trends and trend breaks, break down into root causes, and drill down using SQL, Sheets, and other data analytics tools
    • Translate qualitative priorities and signals into quantitative metrics (hypothesize, propose, build, report)
    • Regularly report on and explain key drivers from an exec level down to a low level of detail depending on the audience
    • Generate data-driven, zero-defect analyses and actionable insights
  • Operations
    • Ensure that people- and product-driven processes that drive owned metrics are working based on robust reporting and troubleshoot if something breaks so that we can get back to baseline and ensure a consistently high quality patient experience
    • Deeply understand our core product and processes and work with Product and Engineering if you identify breakages in either core operations or unplanned edge cases
    • Work with front-line agent managers to ensure high quality patient interactions
  • Product
    • Translate analytical findings into well defined problem statement and work with the Product team to get a solution built
    • Own operational rollout of new product features/processes (resource planning, execution, tracking and monitoring of objective metrics and check metrics)
  • Lifecycle/Growth Marketing
    • Develop Path’s patient enrollment journey stages and create initiatives for each stage, including impression to lead, scheduling, and data collection
    • Partner with marketing to develop nurture programs to convert qualified leads to registered patients
    • Identify key metrics for the new patient funnel and marketing efforts and continuously iterate on ways to improve them, as well as report on these metrics to our leadership team
    • Build relationships with our customers and coordinate research efforts that help inform our lifecycle programs and ensure we put the patient experience front and center
    • Using internal tools and product to experiment with A/B testing on customer journeys, comms, etc.

What We’re Looking For

  • Basic Qualifications:
    • 6+ years of experience in process and/or product improvement in a high growth organization, for example, tech, consulting, or other fast moving environments
    • 1+ years of experience in lifecycle/growth marketing, with experience in developing customer journeys and A/B testing
    • Proven record of independently solving challenging problems by structuring, analyzing, communicating, and executing a solution
    • Google Sheets / Excel mastery: At Path we make data-driven decisions. This role requires being able to quickly manipulate data and build models to size, forecast, and diagnose.
    • Ability to communicate complex information clearly and concisely (verbal and written)
  • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Experience in a role that involves managing the patient or customer experience, or equivalent
    • Experience working with Product teams to build and deploy product updates
    • Experience in a marketplace and/or healthcare business
    • SQL knowledge

Our Team

Path is a respectful, upbeat, and remote-first team united by our mission of simplifying behavioral healthcare services. We want our employees to be themselves and celebrate each other’s differences. We trust our employees to do what’s best for patients and our fellow team members without bureaucracy. We prioritize self-care and are building a sustainable business for the long term.

As Part Of Our Team, Full-Time Employees Receive

  • The ability to work from wherever you want within the US
  • Competitive pay and benefits that don’t change based on your location
  • 2 company-wide shutdown weeks each year to focus on self-care
  • Paid parental leave to support you and your family
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance through our employer plan
  • Access to our 401K
  • Access to an Employer Assistance Plan (EAP) through our insurance plan
  • The equipment you need to ensure your home office sets you up for success