Job Description

Title: Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Conversational Intelligence

Location: Remote

About the team & opportunity

What’s so great about working on Calendly’s Engineering team?

We make things possible for our customers through impactful innovation.

At Calendly, a Senior Machine Learning Engineer will be able to help drive new initiatives and push the boundaries on what is possible by using the latest advancements in ML. You have a product focus and passion for using machine learning to solve real-world problems, and understand that being an effective engineer is about collaborating with people as much as it is about writing code.

You will join a great data team and be an integral part of building new, machine learning-based experiences for internal and external customers alike.

On a typical day, you will:

  • Work with unique, large structured time series data sets to build and continuously improve innovative machine learning models for Calendly product use cases
  • Work collaboratively with partners including software engineering, product managers, decision and data scientists, to impact the business by understanding and prioritizing requirements for machine learning models
  • Hands-on develop, “productionize,” and operate machine learning models and pipelines at scale, including both batch and real-time use cases
  • Leverage machine learning cloud services and tools to develop reusable, highly differentiating and high-performing machine learning systems, enable fast model development, low-latency serving and ease of model quality upkeep
  • Optimize ML models to meet latency SLAs at the scale of Calendly’s production traffic and launch live experiments to evaluate model performance

What do we need from you?

  • 5+ years of industry experience in applied Machine Learning, inclusive MS or PhD in relevant fields
  • Strong programming (Python / Scala / Java / etc) and data engineering skills
  • Proficiency in ML frameworks such as: Keras, Tensorflow and PyTorch (in that order of importance) and ETL and ML workflow frameworks like Apache Spark, Beam, Airflow, VertexAI
  • Working knowledge of semantic search and embeddings
  • Familiarity with Retrieval-Augmented Generation techniques to improve content quality
  • Familiarity with orchestration frameworks such as LangChain or Microsoft Semantic Kernel
  • Deep understanding of Machine Learning processes (e.g. training/serving skew minimization, feature engineering, feature/model selection), algorithms (e.g. personalization and recommendation, anomaly detection, natural language processing)
  • Consistent record of efficiently implementing ML models using a managed service (VertexAI / Sagemaker) for high traffic, low latency, large data applications that produced substantial impact on the end users
  • Ability to recognize when to seek assistance and willing to learn whatever is needed to get the job done; ideally, you have some research experience
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; you are comfortable working remotely and with enabling tools like Slack, Confluence, etc.
  • Authorized to work lawfully in the United States of America as Calendly does not engage in immigration sponsorship at this time