Job Description

Title: Senior Engineering Manager, CRM

Location: Remote – USA

The CRM product group powers the core experience of HubSpot’s CRM platform, helping over 100,000 businesses Grow Better and impacting the careers of almost 1 million CRM users a week. We aim to build fast and reliable products that our customers love to use, and to support administrators with the tools they need for a successful CRM implementation. Unlike other enterprise CRM implementations, we start from a foundation of high customer love and satisfaction (NPS).

As we move upmarket to help businesses scale, we are bringing deeper configuration, customization, and extensibility to the CRM. Our mission is to deliver this customization in a no-code/low-code way, maintaining our world-class ease of use. Helping our customers represent their businesses in HubSpot, with UIs that help their users be efficient and effective will help our customers be successful, and in turn HubSpot will be successful.

CRM engineering teams work at the highest level of scale within HubSpot, and do so with a strong culture of automated testing, and Continuous Deployment. We value a community-driven approach to learning, sharing, and teaching each other, so that we can all grow as individuals.

The HubSpot Engineering team is made of more than 900 Engineers, who are passionate about building tools that help small and medium-sized businesses market, sell, and serve their customers and ultimately, grow better. Our team has scaled rapidly over the past few years, and our need for empathetic, adaptable, and remarkable engineering leaders has grown in kind.

As an engineering leader at HubSpot, you’ll do many things and you likely already have experience doing some of them in the past. They are:

  • Leading product development teams working with data at scale.
  • A bias for fixing problems with technology rather than process.
  • Passion for building reliable systems.
  • Someone who never accepts the status quo; we need engineers and leaders who can see beyond what we have, and towards what we can build, while maintaining an understanding about how to get there.
  • Proven ability to solve complicated technical problems and analyze tradeoffs with empathy for the developers.
  • Ability to demonstrate pragmatic decision making and problem-solving abilities.
  • Work autonomously, lead transparently, and prioritize product and people over strict processes.

Engineering leaders play to their strengths, but are aligned to HubSpot’s mission and show the leadership qualities that we’ve found to be most effective:

  • They build trust, respect, and empathy, and use that as a base to deliver radical candor.
  • They foster a sense of team and mission.
  • They have strong working relationships across the organization, from the tech leads and the individual contributors who report to them, to the product managers and designers their reports work with, to their peers & the executive team.
  • They can balance our customer, business and technical needs.
  • They understand how we build and why.
  • They represent our mission and culture to candidates.
  • They get team members and candidates excited to take on new challenges.

If this resonates with you as an engineering leader and you’re interested in our CRM efforts, please apply!