Job Description

Title: Product Delivery Manager

Location: United States





At FinDox, we power better, faster investment decisions for finance professionals. We develop and implement technology to make it easier for professionals to access and analyze the vast world of financial data and documents while protecting data privacy and enforcing compliance regulations.

We take corporate responsibility seriously and are excited that our platform enables our clients to gain unique insights into what private companies do to protect the environment and address social needs and responsibilities.

We are proud to work with over 100 blue-chip clients in the $3T leveraged finance industry, including many of Wall Street’s most recognizable names. Founded in 2016, we are a growth-stage fintech company, privately held and well-funded by venture capital. Our founders are an experienced team with a recognized track record in fintech, including a prior venture, LendAmend, which they successfully sold prior to founding FinDox.

The Role

The Product Delivery Manager (PDM) is instrumental in our product development process by helping push completed code out the door. The PDM facilitates communication between the backend, frontend, QA, and product teams. This requires attention to detail, the ability to track many balls in the air, and a disciplined approach to keeping our task board organized. We hire top grade developers and they turn out a lot of code, thus orchestrating releases requires skill, grit, good decision making, and the ability to stay focused under time pressure.


Drive Weekly Release

  • Verify all tasks are fully tested and “good” for release
  • Verify tasks have test approaches and automated test coverage
  • Facilitate communication between SDET, Dev, and Business teams
  • Ensure QA team is meeting automated and manual test requirements for releases
  • Ensure all tasks with requiring fixes are completed and tested by release
  • Ensure all tasks related to a release are at their proper place on Azure Devops task board

Issue Resolution

  • Handle issue and bug reports
  • Work with Product and Dev team to investigate and work toward resolution
  • Manage fix tasks on Devops task board
  • Manage hotfix releases
  • Verify that hotfixed items are also included in the weekly release and tested

Release Planning and Improvement

  • Help manage Devops task board and organize tasks for releases
  • Participate in release planning meeting
  • Work with QA lead to increase test automation coverage

API onboarding

  • Oversee the technical aspect of client onboarding for API users
  • Maintain API documentation


  • Support product and development leaders with research or discovery projects
  • Help with data pulls and other data-related requests


  • 5+ years experience in web application development and/or QA
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
  • Experience with using APIs
  • Experience with manual testing web applications
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Positive attitude
  • Proven ability to push things forward
  • Ability to work independently
  • Project management experience

At FinDox Inc., we consider a range of factors in connection with compensation decisions, including experience, skills, location, and our business needs and limitations. As a result, compensation may vary within and across similar roles and positions. Please note that the salary range information below is a good faith estimate for this position and actual compensation for any individual may fall outside this range if warranted by the circumstances applicable to that individual. If we identify a role that would be suitable for a broader range of skills and experience such that we would consider hiring at multiple levels then the range listed below may reflect that breadth.

The salary range estimate for this position is $120,000-$150,000.

The actual compensation will be at FinDox’s sole discretion and will be determined by the aforementioned and other relevant factors. This position is eligible for additional commission-based compensation.