Job Description

Product Data Analyst


We seek to motivate and incentivize healthy habits for high-risk patients through individualized care plans. Our approach draws on a unique combination of behavioral economics, habit science, and cutting-edge technology to drive positive behavior and habit change among some of the US’s most underserved and high-needs patient populations. Our work has produced demonstrable results, with several large health insurers reporting significant reductions in hospitalization rates by up to 44% in some cases. Our ambition is to be more than just another digital health startup; we aspire to be a category leader in the $88B health outcomes market, singularly focused on improving the lives and medical outcomes of historically hard-to-engage populations. Our work immediately impacts people’s lives daily; we have served over 30,000 patients, prevented an estimated 9,000 days in the hospital, and saved 320 lives.

You will have the opportunity to solve interesting healthcare data problems.

Some of the problems you’ll work on include:

  • What data systems are needed to empower Wellth product managers to analyze and visualize the available patient, clinical, and health industry data sets?
  • Build and evolve risk models that identify high-risk patients that are likely to gain significant benefit from Wellth programs
  • Build and evolve predictive models: churn, health improvement, disease progression, behavioral improvement, and more
  • Investigate potential expansion / impact areas not yet addressed by Wellth’s solutions
  • Tell a powerful story about the impact of Wellth’s positive behavior change through data and data visualizations

Specifically, you will:

  • Build durable self-service data tools operating on health data that support product insights for our customers.
  • Optimize and experiment with new and existing data models that are business-critical.
  • Seek, make available, and consume new data sets, including but not limited to healthcare data standard sets (e.g. claims data, clinical information, EHR data)
  • Secure and protect Wellth’s data by establishing governance policies.
  • Serve as a thought partner to our Product Managers and Product leadership team. Educate our teams to help us ask better questions, interpret findings more effectively, and drive informed decision-making.
  • Build and execute a roadmap for data enhancements to align with Wellth’s product vision and business objectives.
  • Provide leadership on industry best practices, trending topics, and emergent technologies to continuously improve and refine our processes and systems.

You will be a member of a diverse and supportive team.

You will work with:

  • Product leaders on cohort patient selection and product marketing initiatives.
  • Data engineers on establishing standard operating procedures for data operations and gathering customer data requirements for bespoke solutions.
  • Our Manager of Data Engineering on your career development, supporting your technical and leadership growth.

You might be the candidate we’re looking for.

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • 3+ years of experience working with healthcare products and data, having directly worked with claims data, patient data, and other health-related data sets.
  • 3+ years of professional experience as a healthcare data analyst or healthcare data engineer.
  • Proficiency in writing clean and maintainable SQL, Python, and shell scripts for automation, analysis, and ETL using industry best practices.
  • Proficiency in executing and maintaining dbt models.
  • Proficiency in analyzing and using database schemas and data dictionaries.
  • Knowledge of Redshift, BigQuery, and other data warehouse infrastructure.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in customer, internal, and leadership contexts.
  • High comfort level in operating with autonomy, delivering independently and in a team environment.
  • Understanding of business processes, ROI, cost analyses, and financial modeling.

We expect our candidates can:

  • Thrive on the freedom and responsibility of working at a growing startup. You don’t need perfect infrastructure, or perfect data, or refined processes or playbooks in order to succeed.
  • Take ownership of large customer data concerns from start to finish and collaborate well with cross-functional roles.
  • Be a part of the solution that is helping to fix all aspects of healthcare from provider to payer to, most importantly, the person seeking care.

In addition to the above, our ideal candidate has:

  • Experience working with Jupyter, Spark, and other data research technologies.
  • Experience working with Apache Airflow, Glue, Fivetran, and other data orchestration technologies.
  • Experience working with Great Expectations, Metaplane, and other data quality technologies.
  • Deep knowledge of data security to protect highly confidential and sensitive data, especially in the healthcare industry.