Employer: CVS Health

Job Description:

CVS Health’s mandate is to transform health and wellness via products that enable consumer engagement and best-in-class experience. This team is responsible for CVS Health s digital transformation and all digital products; as well as the development and execution of the digital roadmap. A key part of the responsibility is to build an integrated platform that enables the delivery of products to drive engagement and revolutionize health and wellness. We want you to be a part of the team that will build this next generation platform.
Leveraging your expertise in key technologies & initiatives, you will join a architecture team that is building cloud platform that will transform the healthcare industry and improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people. CVS Health Digital is a highly energetic, highly collaborative team that operates as a startup within the CVS Health Enterprise. We want you to bring your talent and expertise to drive the change that is desperately needed within the healthcare industry.

Come Join CVS Health Digital!

CVS Health is looking for a Principal Solution Architect who will be responsible for driving broad solution initiatives across multiple Digital applications in pursuit of a unified customer facing experience. In this role, you will be a part of a large-scale architecture, product and engineering environment, leading technical architecture initiatives for one or more Agile Solution Trains, helping to ensure successful product deliveries. This role requires EXCELLENT coalition building skills, broad technical knowledge, great communication skills, and strategic thinking.

Is this you?

  • Proven leader with the demonstrated ability to create technical solutions in large organizations with complex business requirements and constraints.
  • Strong ability to work with multiple stakeholders, including business, product, and UX team members to influence the application data-flow design and extensible product platform architecture.
  • Takes a disciplined approach to software development and problem solving; excels at breaking down large problems into multi-step plans in an Agile development environment.
  • Collaborates with multiple Agile value stream execution teams in driving large solutions across multiple planning/execution cycles.
  • Experienced with various types of software architectures including Micro Frontend/Microservice architecture.
  • Possesses broad technology knowledge (cloud, enterprise applications, microservices, data analytics, networking, data storage systems, APIs, large-scale systems).
  • Good understanding of ADA and other regulatory compliances including PCI, PII and PHI.
  • Experienced leader who brings a strategic mindset and who is capable of building realistic strategic roadmaps.
  • Excellent collaboration, influencing, negotiation, coaching and coalition-building skills.
  • Excels at building relationships and has top-notch communication and evangelism skills.
  • Passionate about technology with a very high technical aptitude.

Responsibilities include:

  • Lead technical architecture initiatives that can span multiple Agile Release Trains or an entire platform, helping to ensure successful product deliveries. You will influence and lead teams across the business unit.
  • Manage the evolution of architectural roadmaps for your domain, showing how new features are released or updated, with an eye on paying down technical debt with minimal disruption.
  • Identifies opportunities to leverage common solutions for cross-cutting concerns for broader and more complex functionality at the program and/or enterprise level.
  • Partner with key stakeholders to establish and adopt architectural best practices, guidelines, and standards. Evangelize, mentor, and coach all on the same.
  • Lead Proof-Of-Concepts and Spike Solutions, and provide Reference Architectures and Baseline Implementations when appropriate.
  • Excellent collaboration, influencing, evangelization, negotiation, coaching, mentoring, and coalition-building skills. Ability to work with persons at all levels, from the most junior person to VP levels, in all job functions (e.g. product, UX, developers, QA, DevOps).
  • Lead client architecture for Web applications for cross trains.
  • Good sense of how Front-end Web (UI) components should be architected to enhance stability, security, performance, maintainability, and extensibility.
  • Provide architectural expertise in identification of technology partnerships.
  • Establish & evangelize architectural guidelines, patterns and practices.
  • Provide guidance, direction and mentorship to Senior & Lead Architects.
  • Provide guidance, direction and mentorship to developers and other stakeholders regarding the architecture and design of server applications, UI clients, encompassing APIs and micro-services, containers, databases, cloud infrastructures, and cloud services.
  • Coordinate the architectural growth and development across several scrum teams.
  • Ensure all Non-Functional Requirements (e.g. performance, availability and fail-over, scalability, security, etc.) are properly articulated, and work with all parties to guarantee that the software products that are delivered meet these objectives.
  • Self-motivated to seeking out opportunities to move the application, its design, and architecture forward based on projected features and roadmap visions.
  • Drive buy vs build evaluations, participates in high-level estimation.

This role can be open for remote work within USA.

Required Qualifications

  • 15+ years of experience in software development working on enterprise-class applications with 8+ years of Solution Design & Architecture experience. Experience leading technical architecture initiatives that impact many value streams (e.g. multiple Agile/SAFe Release Trains).
  • Substantial experience and proficiency with modern languages, frameworks, and technologies such as Java, Python, Node.js, Angular, React, message queue infrastructures, as well as AWS or GCP cloud infrastructure and services.
  • Expert-level understanding of architecture, healthcare industry trends, business climate, and/or regulation that affect architecture decisions.
  • Expert in the design and development of complex systems; employs a disciplined and rigorous approach.
  • Substantial experience with requirements analysis, estimation, systems and application design, and testing.
  • Expert with popular Design Patterns catalogues.
  • Expert with distributed computing architectures, including race conditions, parallelism, and concurrency control.
  • Recognized leader with technical teams, broad technical knowledge, and recognized as an expert in one or more technical subjects outside of the company.
  • Experience recognizing the impact architectural approaches can have on strategic business decisions.
  • Experience with concept of service API, caching, web component, content management, web security, SSR/CSR, cloud platform, queue, micro services and service mesh, SQL and non-SQL Storage, identity management.
  • Experience with designing and writing API contract, BFF, microservices and exposing REST APIs in Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring JPA, Java and KAFKA development.
  • Experience with RDBMS, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, RDS, or Oracle; ORM (Hibernate); JMS including Kafka; caching strategies, profiling, memory management and performance tuning; and Optimization of through put and payload with service.
  • Experience designing RESTful APIs that facilitate a superior UX or simplify systems integration.
  • Experience with modern API patterns and how to build well-designed APIs.
  • Experience with architecting solutions for Cloud (GCP, Azure, or AWS) and Microservices.
  • Experience with Jenkins, CI/CD Pipeline, GIT and other DevOps principles.
  • Excellent communications skills with ability to communicate effectively in visual, verbal, and written form to teams, clients and leadership.
  • Ability to manage multiple competing priorities with minimal supervision. Self-directed.
  • A great team player, with demonstrable experience delivering superior software products.

COVID Requirements

CVS Health requires its Colleagues to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (including any booster shots if required), where allowable under the law, unless they are approved for a reasonable accommodation based on disability, medical condition, or religious belief that prevents them from being vaccinated.

If you are vaccinated, you are required to have received at least one COVID-19 shot prior to your first day of employment and to provide proof of your vaccination status within the first 10 days of your employment. For the two COVID-19 shot regimen, you will be required to provide proof of your second COVID-19 shot within the first 45 days of your employment. In some states and roles, you may be required to provide proof of full vaccination before you can begin to actively work. Failure to provide timely proof of your COVID-19 vaccination status will result in the termination of your employment with CVS Health.

If you are unable to be fully vaccinated due to disability, medical condition, or religious belief, you will be required to apply for a reasonable accommodation within the first 10 days of your employment in order to remain employed with CVS Health. As a part of this process, you will be required to provide information or documentation about the reason you cannot be vaccinated. In some states and roles, you may be required to have an approved reasonable accommodation before you can begin to actively work. If your request for an accommodation is not approved, then your employment may be terminated.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with SAFe Software Development Principles.
  • Exposure to Big-Data and/or Machine Learning.
  • Health care and/or E-commerce industry experience.


  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or a closely-related discipline, or an equivalent combination of formal education and experience. Master’s Degree is desired.