helps small businesses compete with large corporations for exposure online. Normally the giants have a huge advantage, but we level the playing field.

We do this by publishing content about our clients on some of the biggest sites online.

Our platform is the first and only of its kind. And in the last 7 years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses.

Now we want you to join us as an Operations Specialist so we can grow even further.

But what’s in it for you? Why would you want to join us?

7 Reasons To Join AmpiFire As An Operations Specialist

1. Use Your Natural Abilities To Solve A Wide Range Of Interesting Problems

Do you thrive when you are required to work on a broad range of tasks? Are you good at many different things?

One week you might be asked to analyze the performance of our marketing campaigns. The next, you’ll be implementing changes in our customer support department. And the week after that, it’ll be some other exciting task.

If you’re a jack-of-all-trades, Swiss-army-knife type of person, this job is perfect for you.

2. Get Your Foot In The Door To The Start-Up And Marketing Worlds

If you are experienced and talented, the only aspect of your career to worry about is which industry you are a part of.

If your industry is up-and-coming, you will rise with it. If your industry is getting left behind, unfortunately, so will you…

The marketing and start-up worlds are super en vogue right now. And are likely to be for decades to come.

Joining us could be the difference in how far you go in your career.

3. Grow Fast

AmpiFire is growing fast. There is always more work to be done than people available to do it.

So if you show promise, your responsibilities will grow… fast!

Being part of a rapidly growing company creates major opportunities for you. Riding this wave of growth will further your career much faster than working for a more mature company.

4. Stability You Can Count On

Unlike most startups, you won’t have to worry whether the company will be around next year.

We’ve been profitable since day one, have money in the bank, and we’re not relying on the next bank loan or investment round to keep going.

Join us, and you will enjoy a unique mix of stability and fast growth.

5. Fun And Supportive Work Environment

We’re a tight-knit group of people from around the world. Once a year we all go on a trip to meet and bond in person.

We’ve hit London, Lisbon, and Malta already. And as soon as the pandemic is over we’ll travel to Iceland.

You will feel the comradery in your day-to-day work too. Whether it is as simple as a colleague covering for you when you really need it… Or as heartfelt as receiving a birthday gift from a teammate on the other side of the globe.

6. Be In Charge Of How You Work

We recognize that smart, hard-working people don’t need to be micromanaged. So we give you freedom around your working style, location and schedule.

Besides, our company has been fully remote since long before Covid. We’re not scrambling to survive the pandemic. We’re thriving in an environment we’re used to.

7. Join A Company You Believe In

We are a champion of small businesses. They are the heart of our society. Small businesses are more enjoyable to work for, tend to be more ethical, and make up half of the economy.

We understand that for our society to succeed, the small business has to succeed as well. 

Your work at AmpiFire will advance this cause.

Here’s What We Expect From You

  • You have a meaningful experience in a similar role.
  • You can pick up new skills quickly.
  • You pay close attention to details and are organized, reliable, and communicative
  • A good understanding of the online marketing world will be considered an advantage.

We offer between $800 and 1200 USD/month as the starting salary for this job (depending on experience).

Apply now by filling out the form on this page.

If you delay submitting your application, someone else will be hired before you.