Job Description

Machine Learning Research Scientist


AI /



As a Research Scientist, your role will involve building machine learning based models and algorithms that will scale across programs and phases of drug discovery. You will work in a highly creative, fast-paced and interdisciplinary environment, collaborating with leading engineers and scientists. Vial will see drug from conception to patient, and you will have the chance to work at all stages of the project. Your contributions will be critical to the organization’s success and will draw upon your research experience, as well as allow you to learn from those around you, to apply novel techniques and ideas to newly encountered computational biology and chemistry problems.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with team members on building ML models for predicting molecular properties, proposing new molecules, and modifying molecules
  • Conduct original research in topics such as large language models (LLMs), geometric deep learning, and Bayesian optimization
  • Build drug discovery systems with software engineers and computational chemists, helping oversee programs to cure diseases
  • Iteratively scale, rethink, and collaborate on a drug discovery engine that will scale to hundreds of programs
  • Work with other scientists, clinicians, computational chemists, project managers, and external partners to accomplish our mission of curing diseases

What You’ll Bring

  • PhD or equivalent experience in computer science/machine learning
  • Basic knowledge of chemistry
  • Peer-reviewed publications or conference proceedings in a related area
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, especially for non-experts
  • A passion for curing diseases