Job Description

Title: IT Change Management Manager

Location: United States


Remote – USA

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About the Position
The IT change manager will be responsible for ensuring that the impact of new or upgraded IT systems and projects is managed in an effective way to ensure the delivery of desired business outcomes. The IT change manager will work with the larger IT team to support and guide them through the required steps to implement systems related change. The change manager will help to articulate the way in which the changes will affect the users on a day-to-day basis.
The successful candidate will work with multiple partner organizations to ensure effective delivery of change while building relationships that support the delivery of the integrated IT systems.
The IT change manager will lead the change management stream for specified IT projects and must ensure that the change work stream for each project level is managed in an effective and efficient manner to achieve the successful delivery of the stated business objectives for each project, at all times working within the principles of the change management approach.
The change manager also runs the internal change management effort and has an ongoing role as a business liaison manager for their assigned business unit.

Apply a change management process and tools to create a strategy to support adoption of the changes required by a project or initiative.
Support the design, development, delivery and management of communications.
Conduct impact analyses, assess change readiness and identify key stakeholders.
Complete change management assessments.
Identify, analyze and prepare risk mitigation tactics.
Identify and manage anticipated resistance.
Support and engage senior leaders.
Coordinate efforts with other specialists.
Integrate change management activities into project plan.
Evaluate and ensure user readiness.
Manage stakeholders.
Track and report issues.
Define and measure success metrics and monitor change progress.
Support change management at the organizational level.
Manage the change portfolio.
Coordinate and manage all pre-change communications including conference calls, meetings, etc.
Report to senior management the success and/or failure of changes upon completion of all change windows.
Establish defined change windows for customers/operations.
Monitor the change process and have clear, well defined escalation for change related issues.

The change manager must ensure that each project is effectively delivered into the relevant business areas by means of carefully planned and coordinated change management programs. Specifically, the IT Change Manager will:
Ensure each different business area is sufficiently prepared for the impact of the new IT systems as and when they are ready to go live’, and;
Ensure there is sufficient support available for the new system to operate in business as usual’ state.
Must ensure that the change work stream is managed in an effective and efficient manner. Principally, the IT Change Manager will be challenged with ensuring the successful delivery of the stated business objectives for each project.
To ensure any change risks or issues are highlighted in good time to the appropriate management.
To ensure the delivery of any allocated project change management requirements.