Job Description

Title: Instructor, Cybersecurity

Location: Remote

As an Instructor, you will work with a cohort of students throughout the Cybersecurity Engineering Program from orientation to graduation. You will be responsible for coordinating, preparing for and delivering key components of a student’s course structure, to include lectures, labs, one-on-one instruction and study groups. You will act as their go-to technical resource and subject matter expert as they work through the program. You will work with fellow faculty and staff to develop and deliver course material, troubleshoot curriculum issues, build community within our student body, and overall create productive, inspired, employable practitioners of a technical craft. You may assist in onboarding new instructors, participate in internal and external events, participate in strategic planning, substitute for absent peers or other instructors. This role is a Full-Time instructional role requiring individuals to teach Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm EST.


  • Work directly with students as their dedicated leader for the course, elevating them to meet our technical bar.
  • Lecture on one or more of the course curriculum topics.
  • Conduct hands on lab sessions with students daily to allow them to put lecture materials into practice to reinforce learning.
  • Maintain the pace of the course: Keep students on track, monitor each individual’s progress, and design and implement learning or service interventions when students fall behind, in partnership with campus leadership.
  • Work with external departments to constantly improve course curriculum, student matriculation and overall student success.
  • Help students in real-time, through group or one-on-one meetings, chat, and live video conversations, tending towards the most high-fidelity experiences.
  • Facilitate Education Operations in Flatiron School’s Learning Management System.
  • Assign and review coursework by students and provide specific, highly qualitative and useful feedback.
  • Lead projects helping students scope and execute larger technical projects to demonstrate mastery of each content module.
  • Conduct assessments, holding students to a high bar of mastery for each content module and coaching them on how to deepen their understanding of the material.
  • Monitor and engage in student discussions, jumping in to help with technical challenges and participating in non-technical conversations that develop community.
  • Leverage passion as a force for motivation by sharing what you are passionate about with students and working those topics into lesson plans as appropriate.
  • Be available, responsive, excited, and kind: An instructor who holds students to high standards, puts people above process, and creates the kind of learning environment that stretches people beyond what they thought they could achieve.
  • Use feedback from students gathered via class surveys, team members, and students to continually improve.
  • Assist colleagues in developing and executing learning interventions that move students forward.
  • Collaborate with the Curriculum and Teacher Training teams to deliver feedback from students and staff about what resources and improvements would drive the best student experiences.
  • Be an exemplar of Flatiron School’s values in your work and your interactions: Make No Little Plans, Be a Lifelong Learner, Work Together, Radiate Positivity, Strive for Excellence, Nurture Difference.
  • Assist in onboarding new instructors.
  • Participate in internal and external events.
  • Participate in strategic planning.
  • Substitute for absent peers or central lecturers.


  • Must meet at least one of the below requirements:
    • Any higher education degree in any field AND minimum 5 years of full-time (or equivalent) in-field (non-teaching) work experience AND 6 Credits in (any combination): Business, English, Communications, Computer Science, or Mathematics AND 6 credits in Software Applications.
    • A High School Diploma AND 7 years of full-time (or equivalent) in-field (non-teaching) work experience.
    • Any part time experience will be counted as half-time for experience requirements. (For example, 4 years of part-time experience = 2 years full-time experience).
  • In-field experience does not include previous instructional / teaching experience.


  • All Instructors licensed in New York will be required to participate in yearly training that is required and facilitated by New York State to maintain their teaching license. This may require weekend courses depending on course availability.
  • All Instructors/Faculty Managers/Campus Directors will be required to maintain licensure in required states per compliance standards.
  • Minimum experience requirements are set by state regulators where Flatiron School operates and are not negotiable. Due to state licensure requirements, all claimed education and experience will need official documentation, such as official transcripts or letters of verification from previous employers.
  • Instructors may be asked to disclose criminal history and provide court documents per state regulator licensing requirements.