Job Description

Hiring Manager – Remote

We are looking for an experienced Hiring Manager with in-depth marketing knowledge to lead the recruitment efforts for Ironpaper.
You should be passionate about generating demand and vetting candidates for desirable attributes and culture fit. Doing hands-on testing to ensure candidates possess the required skillsets to excel in their role is exciting to you, and you are obsessed with making those tests better each time you conduct them. You consider yourself highly collaborative and can work with cross-functional departments and stakeholders to gain buy-in and maintain quality assurance of potential hires. You actively seek feedback to apply to your practices. You can easily articulate a candidate’s value to varying stakeholders using different methods of communication.

The role focuses on attracting qualified candidates in digital marketing, content creation, graphic design, website development, leadership, and research/analytics. Other positions will arise as we expand our capabilities and continue to grow. HR experience is a plus, but a strong understanding of marketing is vital to success in this role. You must be able to identify and test critical skills for all positions (primarily digital marketers and content specialists) and discern between qualified and unqualified candidates while incorporating Ironpaper’s approach to marketing.

You will be responsible for managing the hiring process. These responsibilities include generating qualified leads, placing job ads, evaluating applicants in HubSpot, conducting interviews & skill assessments, and creating & presenting offers. Other responsibilities include maintaining our hiring/onboarding instances in HubSpot, such as the jobs page on our website, job landing pages, contact properties, deals, deal pipelines, and automation (email and internal notifications). HubSpot skills are not required but are encouraged as this is a vital tool used in this role.


  • 401(k) Benefit
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Summer Fridays

The day-to-day

  • Drive demand for Ironpaper roles using paid channels, email, inbound marketing, and recruiting efforts.
  • Collaboration with key stakeholders to identify needs, fill gaps, and get feedback on potential candidates.
  • Frequent iteration and improvement of Ironpaper’s hiring and recruitment process and constant improvement of skill assessments to better qualify candidates.
  • Run paid campaigns (i.e., job boards, LinkedIn Recruiter), organic efforts (Social Sharing), and build partnerships.
  • Find and attract really great people to grow the agency.
  • Report results. Use an Agile process. Test and measure. Seek out better-performing approaches to hiring and recruiting.
  • Conduct interviews, meetings, and skill assessments, and manage the recruitment process to include testing.
  • Ensure that we are hiring promptly to meet the agency’s capacity needs.
  • Strategize on how hiring can solve concrete problems with growth and operational capacity.
  • Be able to learn and articulate Ironpaper’s methodologies.

Qualifications include

  • 4+ YOE leading a hiring process.
  • Experience in creating job posts (paid and organic channels) and writing job descriptions
  • Experience conducting interviews and skill assessments
  • Experience working with internal stakeholders on their hiring needs
  • Strong articulation skills are a must
  • Understanding of inbound marketing principles, or willingness to learn
  • Must be remote within the US only, and be able to work 9am – 6pm EST.

Bonus: HR experience or HubSpot Experience