Job Description

Growth Strategist (REMOTE)

If you’re looking for 100% remote work with flexible hours, doing what you love…

… alongside a highly successful, international team of over 60 entrepreneurs (and rapidly growing)…

… then this is a really good day for you.


  • Being in a company that is quick to recognize your talents and contributions and is eager to promote from within…
  • Working in a culture where egos are set aside, and everyone pulls for each other’s success (think of it as the digital marketing version of CrossFit)…
  • Being a valued part of a highly skilled and diverse team…
  • Solving one online challenge after another with some of the smartest marketing minds you’ll find anywhere…
  • Helping scale brands in over 50 businesses across dozens of industries…
  • The opportunity that comes with managing $100M+ in ad spend every year…
  • Whose CEO and Founder, Ralph Burns, co-hosts Perpetual Traffic podcast, with over 8 million downloads, and is in the top 0.5% of all podcasts in the world…

…If this fires you up, then you should do yourself a solid and find out more about this new exciting role below:

About this role

As a Growth Strategist at Tier 11, you’ll be the project leader of a highly skilled team of digital marketers. Your core responsibility will be achieving long-term growth and success for your clients and their businesses. You are excited about the complexities of business and love identifying collaborative solutions to growth problems. Both your team and your clients will look to you to point them in the right direction for success.

You will achieve this through:

  1. Developing and executing marketing/growth strategies to bring success to your clients
  2. Managing client relationships & getting buy-in for suggested strategies
  3. Aligning your team’s effort and resources to execute on the planned strategy

Core Talents and Attributes

You’re an ideal team player (Tier 11 core values):

  • Smart (EIQ): You practice empathy and demonstrate deep respect and patience for others – you thrive in collaborative, team-based environments. Personable/cool common sense, able to prioritize, intuitive, collaborative first principle thinker, mentally flexible… (Considering function over form), Self-awareness, healthy challenger.
  • Initiative: You bring a strong desire to learn, develop and overcome obstacles as they arise – for you and your team. Finds solutions to solve problems, wants more (improvement and/or advancement), constant learning mindset (self-improvement), confident in abilities, willing to pay the price in the short term, grit driven. Action-Taker, improviser, adapt & overcome, no excuses, assertive, sees opportunities and acts on them, dependable.
  • Healthy Ego: You leave your ego at the door – everyone is equal, and you treat everyone with limitless respect. Proactively engages the team for support and improvement, takes extreme ownership, admits mistakes and learns from them, gives credit to others for their success, has allegiance to the team, takes direction, adaptable, absorbs criticism well – doesn’t immediately push back.
  • Precise: Demonstrates a high attention to detail and decisiveness in decision making. Detail oriented, analytical (not necessarily math, but can understand a picture from numbers), clear and simple communicator – written and verbal (especially in light of virtual team), pursues perfection, excellent follow-up & follow-through skills, finish what you said you would, works within constraints e.g. brand guidelines, customer requests, policy, trustworthy.
  • Radical Candor: You show genuine care and respect towards others, and practice communication that is direct, considerate and honest – whilst not being afraid to make assertions and challenge others on their thoughts, approach or position on a subject. Radical Candor is Caring Personally while Challenging Directly. At its core, Radical Candor is guidance and feedback that’s both kind and clear, specific and sincere.

Core Knowledge & Skills

  • Strong understanding of Direct Response Marketing: Strong understanding and experience in Direct Response Social Media Marketing and the associated creative, copy & media buying needs to drive performance for clients (across notable social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google and Tiktok).
  • Strong understanding of ‘Marketing Maths’: Experience in pulling and analyzing business data, from ‘before’ & ‘after the click’ (across the whole marketing / funnel journey). Able to use this data to identify issues, inform decisions and enable strategic planning.
  • Strategic Growth Planner: Ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture, conducts deep analysis of client businesses in order to identify growth obstacles and develop strategic growth plans to achieve the best results for clients. Understanding of how different paid channels can work most effectively together. Identify and understand complex and vague problems, and propose innovative solutions.
  • Project Management: Excellent at time and personal management – highly organized and experienced in the resourcing and execution of strategic growth plans for clients. Successfully collaborate with cross-functional teams, coordinate between the different departments and ensure alignment with the overall strategy. Forecast and hit growth opportunities, maintain team revenue targets, meet client and project deadlines.
  • Client Facing Expert. Ability to manage and develop meaningful client relationships to a very high standard. Confident in leading calls. Not afraid to have tough conversations, challenge clients and push-back when necessary. Maintains clear communication both written and verbal.

Core Responsibilities

  • Client Performance & Relationship Management
    • You are responsible for the development and execution of growth strategies for your clients and their success.
    • Identify, maximize and present new opportunities for client growth.
    • Communicate performance results and strategy recommendations to clients & secure buy-in from decision-makers.
    • Create and deliver quarterly business reviews (QBR) and other client-facing presentations that outline performance, insights from testing, and key strategic opportunities.
    • Ensuring that client satisfaction is maintained to the highest standards possible.
  • Leading your team.
    • You will coordinate the effort of media buyers, copywriters, creative producers / art directors, funnel and tracking specialists, etc… they will report directly to you for performance and fulfilling on account strategy.
    • You will be a strong leader that sets and upholds high standards and drives the team towards excellence. You will drive a culture of a high performance team, this person is not afraid to have tough conversations and hold their subordinates accountable to meet established expectations.
    • You create a culture of collaboration and transparency – everyone is informed of the strategy and empowered to execute within their respective areas of expertise.
  • Project Management.
    • You will be in charge of planning and executing digital marketing strategies within scope, on-budget and on-time.
    • You will be responsible for the coordination of people and resources (both within your team & across other departments at Tier 11) – in order to fulfill on account strategy.
    • Organizing and working in a fast-paced environment in order to prioritize and manage multiple projects at once.

Do you want to know a bit more about Tier 11’s culture?…

… If you’re looking for a bright future, full of meaningful contributions, and a company quick to recognize and acknowledge your talents, then look no further than Tier 11…

At Tier 11… you will Learn, Develop and Push the Boundaries

With tailored ascension and development pathways – an ideal team player at Tier 11 is able to progress through our organization as quickly and as far as they’re driven (and as fast as able). Heck, we even encourage you to forge your own path if the job doesn’t exist!…

… We acknowledge that everyone on our team came to grow and flourish into a bigger and better version of themselves, and as such – we place a HUGE emphasis on ensuring you are continually growing and developing according to your unique passions, strengths and talents. If that fires you up, then you’ll fit right in!

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We Build Highly-Professional and Diverse Global Teams

Tier 11 is a unique and high performing team of experts who LOVE Digital Marketing (and we think we’re among the best in the world at it).

We focus on hiring diverse A+ players from all over the world by staying true to The Tier Manifesto…

Our current team spans across 6 Continents from around the World – we have expertise from nursing and forensic science, to psychology and military strategy… all contributing to 12+ years of marketing education, research, and practice!

A SandBox of experience and knowledge

Since 2010, Tier 11 has managed a portfolio of Meta, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Tiktok, Pinterest & Snapchat advertising customer accounts in over 30 industries, with an annual spend in excess of $100 million — so you’re in great company! Our customers are hand-picked, quality businesses with great products helping to make the world a better place. Our job is to accelerate their growth with world-class managed paid traffic.