Employer: Stemma

  • Most recent innovation in data tools has taken place in two areas: helping data engineers produce data, and helping data consumers (primarily data analysts and scientists, but increasingly everyone) consume that data.
  • Data warehouses and lakes are flooding with data, but the consumers still don’t know what exists and what to trust.
  • The biggest gap doesn’t sit in production or consumption of data but right between them.
  • Data Engineers continuously report being bombarded by questions from users while striving to deliver it on time and with high quality.
  • Analysts and Data Scientists spend a huge amount of time answering questions around the source of truth of data, how it is usually used, how it gets produced and validating that it’s the right source for them to use.
  • Stemma solves this problem by providing an automation-first data discovery & catalog, built around Amundsen, an open-source data discovery engine used by 30+ companies like Lyft, ING, Square, and Instacart.
  • Started in 2020, Stemma is used by companies like Flexport, iRobot, Tempo, and many others, including public financial services organizations to help with discovering, understanding and trusting their data.
  • We have strong initial traction but are still early stage: we’re looking for curious engineers who are excited to rapidly iterate on new ideas with customers and build a product from the ground up.
  • Every member of the Stemma team has the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the direction of the product, business and the engineering culture.

What we’re building

  • Automated discovery and data control. Historical data discovery systems relied on humans manually writing descriptions.
  • We’ve seen dozens of companies try and zero are happy with the state of things. We automate this by integrating a wide breadth of data sources suggesting who uses the data, how it’s used, and how it’s been transformed.
  • Deep integrations with data systems. Many data systems in this space cater to the lowest common denominator, and obscure the incredibly powerful new data systems of the last few years.
  • We deeply integrate with data systems to expose their awesomeness (e.g. Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, etc). These are often high data volume, and strong architecture patterns are required.
  • Delightful experience. The thesis of our product is that users will want to use it, not that they’ll be forced to use it by IT teams. Building an interface that’s sophisticated for power users but approachable for occasional data users is imperative.

About you

  • You’re excited to build product from the ground up, knowing it’s quite probable that half of our work will become incredibly important parts of the product years down the line, and half will be unceremoniously thrown away as we learn more about our users.
  • You want to work on a highly-collaborative team, but are also excited to have a great deal of your workload be self-defined.

How we work

  • Remote first. We’re a fully-distributed company, and our interaction culture is deliberately mixed between meeting culture and written.
  • We’re writing heavy because it forces clarity of thought; we have plenty of synchronous time to give space for collaborative ideation.
  • Customer-oriented. Our tech must be be highly reliable, resilient, secure, and cost-effective.
  • But none of that matters if we’re not solving the right problems, and we’re very deliberate about creating the right feedback loops with our customers. Often times, that feedback loop will be engineers working directly with our build partners.

Our tech stack is Python, Postgres, ElasticSearch, TypeScript and Redux. However, we’re less concerned with your current knowledge of our exact tech stack and more that you have both a broad set of skills and are able to learn quickly.

We’re hiring in GMT-8 though GMT-3 (i.e. Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern and EU) timezones. We offer competitive salary and meaningful equity. Medical, vision and dental coverage for US employees (benefits vary for international employees). We’ve raised $4.8M from Sequoia.

We hire opportunistically: if you don’t fit the profile above, just tell us how you can help.