Job Description

Full Stack Engineer

Right now, we are hiring a Full Stack Engineer to help us discover, track and maintain publicly available data of over 600k+ games on different mobile app store platforms.


Joining the Yodo1 mission will give you opportunities to learn and grow by:

  • Taking ownership of high-impact projects and ideating game-changing solutions;
  • Working with a diverse, international, and entrepreneurial team;
  • Learning hands-on from leaders and experts in our platform and publishing departments;


  1. Build and maintain the backend APIs of a heavily integrated internal platform;
  2. Support frontend development of the platform, with peer review, and contribute ideas to improve the user and development experience;
  3. Improve and maintain the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) codebase for our constantly evolving and diverse platform infrastructure, spanning different AWS and bare metal services;
  4. Communicate the status of various tasks related to your projects, proactively keeping all stakeholders in loop;
  5. Solve time-consuming day-to-day business and technical operations with effective automation solutions.


  • 4+ years of Python, Django experience; 3 years of Docker, Docker compose experience; 2 years of React experience; 2 years AWS DevOps experience.
  • Willingness to learn and contribute to infrastructure maintenance strategies to improve cost per resource and performance; mainly: ECS, EKS, CDK (AWS Cloud Development Kit) automation, RDS, ElastiCache.
  • Experience working with selenium and chromedriver to automate and create scalable web APIs tests.
  • Experience in working & optimizing multiple, distributed databases such as PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch (AppSearch), Redis &, MySQL.
  • Passion for learning: You’ll be working on bleeding edge technologies and ideas to iterate quickly and help solve the most critical outreach problems in our internal business processes.
  • Communication: You’ll be working with colleagues and clients in multiple countries and must be able to communicate clearly, concisely, and proactively.
  • Scalable thinking: We are growing fast; those who think scalably, advance quickly.

Brownie Points

  • Experience with Zoho APIs.
  • Open source maintenance.

What We Offer

We want our contributors to grow with Yodo1 and take ownership in our shared success. At Yodo1, you will enjoy:

  • Fair pay based on qualifications, experience, and fit for the role.
  • Flexible hours and unlimited paid time off.
  • The ability to work from anywhere (WFA).
  • The option to be paid in your currency of choice.
  • An allowance to purchase devices or equipment to improve your WFA setup.
  • Variable compensation through our annual bonus programs.