• Roadmap – Creating and following a roadmap towards success for their region
  • Staffing – Hiring and developing quality programming instructors across all campuses
  • Coaching – Providing technical and non-technical feedback, constructive coaching, and growth opportunities to all direct reports such as team leads and instructors.
  • Culture – Fostering a healthy team spirit across the teams they manage
  • Being on call to tackle emergencies within your programs/region.
  • Working with the business team and career services team to ensure a cohesive experience at all campuses
  • Curriculum – Works with the Curriculum team to oversee necessary modifications to curriculum content, ensuring that curriculum content fits the unique requirements of Bootcamp.
  • Propose adjustments as necessary for assignment & exam cadence.
  • Solution support – including handling escalated student concerns and complaints (technical and non-technical)
  • Monitors instructional design of program or region (what is taught, and when) and its execution.
  • Continually proposes adjustments to the lecture cadence of each stack to the VP of Instruction for approval.
  • Continually proposes adjustments for necessary pivots to continuously improve the student experience
  • Works closely with tools/dev to propose and sustain a priority list of features and bugs based on the Director’s assessment of the business.
  • Continually proposes adjustments to Marketing to ensure an accurate depiction of the program is presented.
  • Ultimately responsible for the instructional experience
  • Manages a team of Instruction Leads, Instructors, Instruction Managers & Coaches, and TAs
  • Forecasts Bootcamp staffing needs; reconciling historical data (drop/retake) with business goals/enrollment target
  • Proposes refinements as necessary for instructional KPIs to the VP of Instruction
  • Ensures instruction staff working towards clear goals, that are the right goals for the success of boot camps and its students, based on the KPIs
  • Additional duties and adjusted scope may occur as the business needs evolve and are deemed necessary.


  • Leadership experience of at least 8 years with proven effective leadership skills
  • Technical Instruction experience of at least 2 years (Programming, Data Science or similar)

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Customer Survey Index
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Belt Pass Rate
  • Student Drop Rate
  • Instruction team certifications


  • Enthusiasm – exhibits passion and excitement overwork.
  • Has a can-do attitude.
  • Calm under pressure – maintains stable performance even when under heavy pressure or stress.
  • Information processing skills – demonstrates the ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.
  • Humble – respectful of everyone and their neuro-diversity.