Job Description

Design Manager, CMS Hub

Location: Remote – USA

About You

You are a seasoned, thoughtful, and impactful design leader who wants to work with smart people on hard problems. You thrive in a fast-paced environment where you push your designers to grow through mentorship, coaching and a high quality bar all while having a seat at the table to define the strategic direction of a +$72 million (and growing!) product. We value leaders who are strong, empathetic and supportive coaches that prioritize design quality and psychological safety in their team interactions. Not only do you communicate and influence a large dynamic organization, but create opportunities for your team members to do the same.

What types of problems do we work on?

We help small and medium-sized businesses grow by providing the content and digital experiences they need to reach their customers. From solopreneurs creating their first website to 25 person support teams that work together on managing a knowledge base, we help businesses do it all by taking the complexity out of B2B software.

What is the CMS Hub?

We’re one of the newest and fastest growing Hubs at HubSpot, and enable 1- to 1,000-person businesses to create websites and digital experiences that allow them to connect with their customers. We are also the underlying platform that powers content creation experiences across all of our HubSpot properties. No matter where you’re creating content in our ecosystem, our goal is to make it seamless, scalable, and actionable. Customers are experts in their business. They don’t have time to be experts in our tools.

How do we design?

Design at HubSpot is both grounded in experience design fundamentals and a deep belief that small autonomous teams are the best way to get high quality work into customer’s hands.

  • We value solving for the customer above all else
  • We give each designer the responsibility and ownership to chart the course for their designs throughout the product and across teams
  • We respect user research and content design, working cooperatively with them while designing
  • We carefully lead and maintain a high-functioning, usability-centered design system and design language with our front end teammates
  • We’re embedded on small teams with engineers and product managers in sane, sustainable ratios.

We are looking for people who:

  • Have worked closely with product and engineering leaders to establish objectives, high-level strategies, and key results for a group of designers
  • Have a developed sense for how to balance speed, quality, and consistency of design
  • Have a sixth sense for how to provide and encourage thoughtful feedback on designs as well as identify overlaps and efficiencies between team member’s projects
  • Have extensive experience providing mentorship, goal-setting, growth coaching, and accountability to designers
  • Can deliver clear, direct and actionable feedback and won’t shy away from confronting difficult situations or increasing communication when there’s friction or uncertainty
  • Know how to build a team; how to screen and interview new candidates for your team and other cross-functional teams across the organization
  • Understand how to bring a sense of team and mission to the groups you lead and to the broader UX team. This includes being responsible for thoughtful team organization, aligning strengths to problems, and providing opportunities for career growth through additional responsibility or potential impact
  • Evangelize product design and research. Seek ways to measure the impact of design including educating other stakeholders on the value of user experience