Job Description


  • Remote Worldwide
  • Full-Time
  • Copywriting
  • $20.00 – $30.00 / hr

Dear Builders, Rule-Breakers & Adventurers: WE WANT YOU

At Sugatan, we believe in co-creating with passionate builders who love building something extraordinary out of nothing, purely driven by the love of our crafts. It all started with a ludicrous question. How can we turn $1 into $3? Through the pursuit of the answer, we’ve spent $65MM and turned it into $150MM to date, empowering humans, communities and movements throughout our journey.

The Sugatan culture is all about cultivating unique experiences collectively as a superorganism as we face a multitude of challenges together whilst profits are reinvested back into funding exciting projects we love. It’s a self-evolving, self-realizing organization that paves the path for others to follow. So, are you ready to step up and step into your element? Walk with us.

Sugatan is recognized in the eCommerce industry as one of the top Performance Advertising Engineers in the world. We’ve grown from 0 to 50+ A-Players in only 2 years and have helped to grow multiple brands to 8-figure revenue.

Why This Role Is Perfect For You

Do you have a special gift for making words emote, products scream, & people ponder? Are you a clever wordsmith? Is the English language your plaything? Is capturing attention in noisy newsfeeds second nature to you? If this sounds like you, then you were born for this position!

There won’t be a dull moment in sight, guaranteed! This is a dynamic and exciting position with great possibilities for personal and career growth. You will work closely with performance teams to produce unique, apt, and effective social media ads for Sugatan’s range of exciting clients in niches that include beauty, skincare, fashion, home décor, and more.

Your success in this role will be determined by performance metrics, and the ultimate measure of success would be to achieve a viral ad alongside your team.

Sound like fun? Read on!

Your Duties & Responsibilities

  • Attending Performance Team calls per account, where ad angles are discussed and data is presented. You will get an idea of what copy is required and report on your progress in these calls. Communication is key in our remote office setting, so these calls will also ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Working alongside our video editors, graphic designers, and media buyers to create winning strategies for our clients.
  • Creative ideation and brainstorming with your fellow Sugafam.
  • Following a strict client approval process and meeting production deadlines.
  • Being highly responsive, detail-oriented, and decisive following client reviews of ads.
  • Proactively and continually conducting extensive research into social media trends and developments in each client’s industry.
  • Research demographics, customer journeys, and products thoroughly to understand and create comprehensive consumer personas.
  • Understanding different social media platforms and their respective audiences, and writing and editing copy to match those platform/audience needs.
  • Strategizing with account leads to develop campaign messaging.
  • Writing & editing copy for ads, landing pages, websites, advertorials, etc.
  • Optimizing existing copy.
  • Analyzing performance data to plan future ads, and showing measured and attributable improvements based on this data over time.
  • Being able to spark the desired responses from readers.
  • Entertaining and delighting target audiences!
  • Being a great team player!

What We Expect Of You

  • Be a TikTok fanatic, Instagram expert, and Facebook veteran.
  • Have a strong understanding of marketing with an aptitude for consumer psychology – know their fears, beliefs, desires, and dreams. Be able to leverage the language they use. Be able to write with empathy.
  • Have extensive knowledge of digital culture and social media trends.
  • You have worked with digital marketing agencies and/or eCommerce brands before.
  • Be committed to learning about target demographics, ad styles, channels, etc. per account. Understand the user experience and tailor content to the needs and reading capacity of different audiences.
  • Be highly organized with strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Be able to prioritize work effectively based on need and demand.
  • Be an ambitious self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Have knowledge of best SEO practices.
  • Have an intuitive knowledge of the tried-and-true direct response principles.
  • Have flawless editing & proofreading skills.
  • Be willing & eager to collaborate with the larger performance team.
  • Multi-tasking is no big deal to you and you can work under pressure whilst adapting quickly to a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.
  • You are technically savvy, reliable, and responsible.
  • You are absolutely committed to consistently providing top-quality creative work.
  • The ability to translate briefs into an understanding of what the client needs.
  • A strong sense of ownership, independence and initiative, while being able to collaborate with several other team members.
  • Be proactive and able to take full ownership over your area of expertise without waiting for instructions.
  • Be confident in bringing new ideas to the table.
  • Be a kind and considerate human being.
  • Finally, have a true love of copywriting!

Why Pick Sugatan?

Sugatan is an eCommerce growth-hacking machine. We have a flair for combining data and creativity to get surreal and quantifiable results. Every little thing we do is with the purpose of achieving mastery and excellence in our craft.

In more real terms, we help our clients scale their businesses and achieve exceptional ROI by optimizing their eCommerce ecosystems and managing their digital and social media ad campaigns.

To deliver on our promise, we use a fast-paced approach, unique ad creatives, and proven media buying strategies. And the entire Sugatan team is actively involved in this process – which is why we are looking for an incredible new member to join us. Could it be you?

What’s In It For You?

At Sugatan, you’ll lead a comfortable, curious, and freedom-driven life with these added benefits:

  • The ability to grow and develop at your own pace, steer your own career trajectory, and to do that with a remarkable, like-minded team.
  • A true sense of autonomy over your work. Nobody will be looking over your shoulder, clock-watching, or micro-managing you.
  • A 100% remote working schedule. Work in Colombia, Bali, Italy, your backyard – wherever you feel the happiest. As long as you’re connected to the interwebz, the world is your office.
  • Your schedule can be flexible too, as long as you make it visible to the team, meet all your deadlines, and align with the team on regular calls.
  • The possibility to unlock travel opportunities once a certain leadership level is achieved.
  • A competitive hourly rate.
  • The results of your efforts are quantifiable and will impress the rest of the world! If our values and goals are aligned, you can become one of Sugatan’s faces, and the company will support your personal brand growth as the industry’s leader and expert through our marketing efforts.
  • The potential to unlock an additional consulting line of work and extra income as your expertise grows.

Join our team of adventurous rule-breakers and fearless builders, and let’s create something extraordinary together!