Job Description

Computational Biologist II

Remote (WFH)

We are powering the age of immune medicine–you can tooAt Adaptive, our goal is to harness the power of the adaptive immune system to make a difference in the lives of people living with many different diseases.

As an Adapter, you will be surrounded by driven colleagues who think boldly and innovate fearlessly. You will experience meaningful challenges in your work and be fueled by the knowledge that you’re making a difference in patient’s lives.

You belong here – come discover your story at Adaptive.

Position Overview

The Antigen Map project is a collaboration between Adaptive and Microsoft Healthcare to map and decode the human immune system, nature’s most finely tuned diagnostic. Together, we are using immunosequencing, proprietary computational modeling and machine learning to map T-cell receptor (TCR) sequences to the antigens they bind. Using this data, we aim to translate the natural diagnostic capability of the immune system into the clinic.

The Antigen Map is seeking a thoughtful computational biologist who is enthusiastic about data analysis, machine learning, the immune system, and improving human health. You will join a team within the Antigen Map that is mining large clinical datasets for disease-associated TCRs and using them to build machine learning-based diagnostics in cancer, autoimmune, and infectious disease.

We are looking for someone with substantial experience in analysis of biological datasets and communicating results to diverse audiences. Outstanding candidates will have demonstrated the ability to work independently and as part of an interdisciplinary team. Adaptive strongly values professional development, and we are committed to helping team members grow in their careers.

Key Responsibilities and Essential Functions

  • Perform quick and thorough analyses of DNA sequencing of T-cell receptors and other clinical data to understand confounders, make descriptive figures, and address key scientific questions.
  • Apply robust machine learning methods that combine biological insights with rapidly evolving data.
  • Communicate with external collaborators to design experiments and manage clinical metadata.
  • Collaborate with wet lab scientists to design experiments and analyze data.
  • Present results to a wide variety of stakeholders, from wet lab and computational scientists to clinical, commercial, and executive team members

Position Requirements


  • Graduate degree (Master’s or PhD) in Computer Science, Statistics, Biostatistics, or related field
  • 2+ years of work experience with biostatistics or machine learning
  • Proficiency in Python


  • Experience in developing machine learning approaches esp. deep learning frameworks
  • Demonstrated ability to work on multidisciplinary teams
  • Experience in presenting technical material to diverse audiences
  • Experience with detailed analysis of next-generation sequencing datasets
  • (Preferred) Experience with clinical data and samples (e.g., clinical trials, observational studies)
  • (Preferred) Extensive experience and domain knowledge in infectious or autoimmune disease



Salary Range: $112,000 – $168,000

Other compensation elements include:

  • equity grant
  • bonus eligible