Employer: HubSpot

  • HubSpot’s Helpdesk Team is a global function responsible for supporting all HubSpot users with the technology they rely on to succeed in their jobs.
  • The team has traditionally supported IT systems and services alone but has since expanded to cover a wider range of internal systems support.
  • The Business Systems Technician role focuses on the applications and services managed by HubSpot’s business product teams.
  • This portfolio includes the HubSpot CRM and its peripherals, billing, subscription management, finance & accounting, recruiting, business intelligence systems, and more; all the tools required for running the business.

What you will do in this role:

  • Align with one particular domain within our Business Operations realm (Customer Success, Sales/Marketing/Partner, Financial Apps).
  • Train across the product catalog for your domain growing your ability to debug user support requests
  • Manage the intake, processing and resolution of user support requests for your domain efficiently
  • Continually improve your resolution rate (% of tickets resolved vs. transferred) improving Time to Resolve and freeing up Business Analyst time as your knowledge and skill improve
  • Collaborate with the Business Analyst teams in identifying interruption trends and delivering foundational solutions that reduce the rate of interruptions to your users
  • Inform self-service content creation and distribution based off the insights you gain resolving requests
  • Align closely with our Business System Analyst teams on a QA/change management process for your domain area

What you will learn in this role:

  • You will become an expert in all of the technology managed by a particular business operation domain
  • You will learn how to collaborate across multiple functions to deliver solution paths for HubSpot users
  • You will learn how to identify function and feature enhancement opportunities within unique software tools based on user interaction and support trends
  • You will grow your technical skills in new areas like various programming languages, integration architectures, and BI systems

What would help you be successful in this role:

  • An understanding of HubSpot’s internal CRM, Success Apps, Financial systems/apps, BI services
  • Strong Technical Communication Skills (can translate a ticket written in a business sense to an engineer who just cares about tech requirements)
  • Familiarity with web apps/working in the Chrome Developer Console
  • Familiarity with Integration tools/platforms
  • Familiarity with using APIs, as well as Python and SQL