Job Description

Title: Application Software Engineer


Location: United States of America

The Developer role is responsible for developing code that adheres to the design specifications for our system. The developer will use their technical knowledge to interpret system requirements and designs into appropriate code that is functional, efficient and works across platforms.


Technical: A developer is a technologist who has knowledge of how to develop and maintain code for complex systems. He/she is able to develop proficiency in other areas, as the business requires.

Requirements Participation and Planning: Works with the Solution Leader to understand the project’s vision and requirements, and may contribute to the refining of the requirements based on technical constraints.

Designing Technical Systems: Understands the principles behind non-functional requirements, namely those of systems security, performance, scalability, maintainability, operational manageability, usability and deployment within the functional requirements. Responsible for keeping to the design and then code, test, debug and document programs and use of functionality appropriately.

Formal Education & Certification:

  • Bachelor s degree (with preferred concentrations in Computer Science, MIS, Engineering) or equivalent work experience.
  • Computer application certifications, as applicable.
  • Minimum Experience of at least 2-3 years in the tech field desired

Technical Knowledge Required

  • Expertise with:
    • systems analysis and functional design
    • Object Oriented programming
    • Database concepts\design and DB2\SQL
    • Source Code Management
  • Experience in any of the following technology areas
    • IBM Mainframe tools
    • System integration using modern synchronous and asynchronous protocols including SOAP, REST, Kafka, or other distributed streaming technology
    • Systems Integration
    • Cloud services (IaaS, serverless) and providers (AWS/Azure/Google)
  • Knowledge of Operational needs, including knowledge of:
    • security
    • performance / scalability
    • maintainability
    • Agile methodologies